Real Life Stories

Ally’s Story

My life had become a vicious cycle of sleepless nights and total exhaustion. I had major fluid retention in my knees and ankles and I had put on weight.

I couldn’t even think about exercising. I had no energy and no motivation. This made me feel negative about myself like I was a failure. I always looked at fit people with healthy bodies and envied them.

To say I had low self-esteem was an understatement.

I tried going to the gym and always gave up. I also tried weight loss programs, starving myself and diet shakes. You name it, I tried it. I wasted lots of money on gym memberships and joining fees.

I began reading and researching as much information as I could get my hands on and discovered there was so much conflicting information out there… so what was right and what was wrong? OMG it’s enough to do your head in.

So I took another leap of faith after my sister shared Joanne’s page on face book.

Joanne’s program was informative and made sense to me. We worked through it together, one on one. It is personal and any questions I had were answered there and then on the spot. If it was a sticky question Joanne didn’t make things up. If she was unsure she was honest, then researched the issue and got back to me promptly. This made me feel like she really cared about me, which is very uplifting within itself.

Every time I went to the GP she would write me a script for another pill, which was really disappointing. If I didn’t work with Joanne I would be on 5 different tablets, but I’m now only on one. With further fitness and weight loss I am hoping to ditch this one too. At $30 a pop for a script, in the long run Joanne has saved me a fortune.

If I had an issue now I think I would ask Joanne before my GP.

Joanne has a calming and positive nature, which is very reassuring and kept me grounded.

Whenever I find myself going back to my old habits, I get back on track just by recalling our conversations and going back through the information. I also know if I feel that I’m going off track I can message Joanne and get a fix of calm and positiveness to get back to it.

After I completed the course I felt more knowledgeable, empowered and confident, about myself and my health. My symptoms have improved but most of all my mindset is far more positive.

Thank you Joanne.


“I found the course very easy to understand. I didn’t realise you can prevent so many diseases by changing the choices you make. I found the suggestions on food really helpful. And setting small goals lead me to bigger goals that I could achieve… I never knew how easy it can be.”
Kaylee W
“I definitely recommend Joanne’s course to anyone looking to make a difference in their health. I know it has made a difference in my life style. Joanne’s program is very easy to follow and easy to understand. Compare to other diets/ programs that I have tried in the past. This program is one that has worked for me and I will continue to do this program as it will have a life long effect .Being a type 2 diabetic I have been able to control my sugar levels better. Also commencing the gym has help out a lot by losing weight. Two thumbs up”
Michael M
“I found it very interesting, especially that water is so important for so many things.”
Jason L
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Lesley’s Story

I was in a dark place, overweight and feeling exhausted. After trying multiple health programs, I was at an all time low. I had struggled to find a program that was tailored to my specific needs.

Before Contacting Joanne:
I found myself continuously visiting my local GP about my health issues only to be once again reminded it was all due to stress. After trying a number of diets with little or no success, only to find myself stressed and degraded about my results compared to others.

Heading into every health program I undertook I was following dietary requirements and exercise regimes. Only to find myself in hospital, as they did not compliment my underlying medical conditions. As these programs are based on group environments I found myself as a number, just another payment.

As I tried to keep up with the program and its strenuous exercise my body frame began to fail which resulted in further problems and an unwanted trip to the hospital once again, followed by weeks of recovery. Instead of feeling empowered by the program I was back in a dark, negative mindset. I was at the point of giving up when a friend referred Joanne Vella.

I contacted Joanne and spent my time venting to her. We spoke about my situation, symptoms and history. By the end of the phone call I felt like she was a friend from my childhood. I felt at ease whenever I spoke to her.

Each week I found myself looking forward to my consultation. Jo remembered all the fine details I had told her in previous weeks. Joanne tailored every consult to my needs and queries from our previous discussion.

Jo couldn’t stress to me enough that everything with the body is a simple and slow process. Quick fixes don’t work and neither does flooding the mind with clouds of information and sudden exercise. Keeping things simple is the best way to learn.

Every week she would advise me when she was available for consults, although was very flexible as to suit when I was ready. Each time we spoke she would give me tips on how to improve my lifestyle. I found I was benefiting from her because it was based around me deciding to change, not being forced to follow diets or exercise routines. I was understanding what was happening inside my body.

The first week of consultation was based on food and then after that she tailored our consults to my symptoms. Jo made me feel comfortable, and important, not just another lab rat.

After my twelve weeks with Joanne I was and still am feeling much happier and healthier within myself. I had the tools to change.

Her consultations, were very confidential between us although at stages I shared her advice with people around me to help motivate and enthuse them.

She became not only my fitness consultant but my friend. I can honestly say that she is one of the very few people who have impacted my health and I would highly encourage anyone with any health queries to contact Joanne. She really is the practical pharmacist!

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