Clients Testimonials

“I found the course very easy to understand. I didn’t realise you can prevent so many diseases by changing the choices you make. I found the suggestions on food really helpful. And setting small goals lead me to bigger goals that I could achieve… I never knew how easy it can be.
Kaylee W
I definitely recommend Joanne’s course to anyone looking to make a difference in their health. I know it has made a difference in my life style. Joanne’s program is very easy to follow and easy to understand. Compare to other diets/ programs that I have tried in the past. This program is one that has worked for me and I will continue to do this program as it will have a life long effect .Being a type 2 diabetic I have been able to control my sugar levels better. Also commencing the gym has help out a lot by losing weight. Two thumbs up.
Michael M
“If I didn’t work with Joanne I would be on 5 different tablets, but I’m now only on one”
Ally W


Despite every effort to eat right and exercise, many women simply can’t lose weight. This may be due to underlying causes like metabolic or hormonal issues that prevent weight loss and cause fatigue.

This 12-week program uncovers the causes and makes recommendations to bring your natural health and energy back.



Poor food and lifestyle choices create imbalances that result in health problems. It’s essential to get this right to live a healthy life – full of energy.

If your health is not what it used to be, and you’d like to get back on track, choose the ‘One Simple Change’ program.


3. ONGOING SUPPORT PROGRAMS – 3 Month & 6 Month options

I’m here to help you achieve your long-term health goals. Fortnightly or monthly calls are available to help keep you on track. And also support you if any other health issues arise.


Doctor’s Comments

I think your program takes a realistic approach to changing a persons behaviour in small steps. By making these small steps in a progressive manner, a person is able to improve his or her health and minimise expenditure on health care in the future.
Dr. C.V.
I must congratulate you on a well conceived and written program
The language was easy to understand and the way you have ended each module with outcomes that the user could easily monitor was good.
I think if some one is fully motivated this can transform their lives.
Dr. V.
…you have dedicated a lot of time & effort to produce such an informative, interesting & motivational set of programs. I think it will be very successful in helping people improve their lives.
Dr. H.T.
This is an excellent program with very good advice & tips.
Dr. H.T.
This program is great, inspirational & informative. It also has a good plan at the end for patients to make changes to their lives.
Dr. H.T.