Frequently Asked Questions

Each weekly session takes 30 minutes and you will need to commit a small amount of time for planning and implementing what you learn. The more committed you are, the better your outcome will be.
The programs at The Practical Pharmacist are simple and easy to follow. They are designed to guide you every step of the way. Joanne will teach you how to care for your health the simplest and most effective way. Click here to schedule your 30 minutes personal one-on-one consultation.

Everyone’s body is different so it depends on the state of your health and level of committment. Correcting underlying problems may take months, however, you should notice improvements in your energy and other symptoms within weeks. It’s important to focus on the ultimate goal, which is long term health and weight loss.

Never stop your medications without the advice of your doctor. Have regular check-ups so your progress can be monitored and your medications adjusted safely.

These programs are designed to work with your lifestyle. The quality of your life depends on a balance of good healthy choices and the things that make you happy.

The Internet is loaded with information and opinions. Using my knowledge and experience I have narrowed it down to the things that make the most sense to me and have the evidence to back them up.
This program is designed to help people of all ages. By involving your children, they learn from a young age what it takes to be healthy. They will not need programs like this when they grow up.
Many people that are diagnosed with a disease experience little or no symptoms. Damage to your body happens slowly and may be irreversible. The earlier you choose to make healthy changes the better your future health will be.