Is Your Thyroid Making You Tired And Over Weight?

If you’ve been trying hard to lose weight without success AND you’re extremely tired all the time, then something MUST be wrong. If it was a simple as eating better and exercising then everyone would […]

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Do Diet Pills Really Work?

So the weight has been creeping on for many months now and you’re sick of it. You just want to be back to how you used to be.

You go and see your doctor and ask […]

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Who Really Thinks About Their Future Health?

I’ve worked with the public for over 25 years and one thing’s for sure…most people don’t want to think about future health problems.

People are happy going about their daily routine without any thought of what […]

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How much ENERGY do you have?

Do you bounce out of bed in the morning, ready for the day ahead? Or drag yourself up after pressing the snooze button a few times?

We all take our energy for granted, until we don’t […]

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New Year’s Resolution OR Long Term Solution?

It’s early January, and it’s already started, the relentless advertising for diet plans and fitness programs. All we’re hearing about are New Year’s Resolutions. I’m sure you’ve thought about making one. Maybe the same one […]

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Can you Relate??

When my children were younger, my life was sooooo HECTIC. I rushed EVERYWHERE. I rushed from the second my alarm went off in the morning. Getting them ready and making lunches, to dropping them to […]

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Most people will have trouble sleeping at some stage in their life. However, poor sleep over a period of time can increase your risk of certain medical conditions (like cardiovascular disease and diabetes) as well […]

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Chocolate- Is it Really a Health Food?

I just saw an article that got me excited so I wanted to share it with you!!

Chocolate has been around for thousands of years. Throughout different cultures it has been considered a symbol of wealth […]

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Urinary Tract Infections

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection in either the kidneys, ureters, bladder or urethra and is usually caused by bacteria that are normally found in the bowel. UTIs are more common in women […]

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Heartburn 101

Heartburn and stomach acid problems are common and can cause some very uncomfortable symptoms.


Some symptoms are easy to recognise but others are not so obvious.

Burning in the stomach and chest, which may rise up to […]

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