Do you bounce out of bed in the morning, ready for the day ahead? Or drag yourself up after pressing the snooze button a few times?

We all take our energy for granted, until we don’t have much left. Once it decreases, EVERYTHING you do is so much harder.

For a while coffee and energy drinks may help but eventually they will stop working for you.

The best way to determine your level of health is by the amount of energy you have, rather than by how much you weigh. To have energy – you need to be healthy.

Most people realise that a good diet influences our energy levels, but other things also impact your energy like: moving your body, good digestion and drinking plenty of water.

You could imagine it like this: every cell in our body has a little generator in it – a power plant that makes all the energy needed to power our brain, heart, lungs and muscles. This generator runs purely on nutrients, so if you don’t eat the right type of food, then your generators won’t get the fuel they need.

When this fuel runs low, you start to get symptoms like tiredness, fatigue, low mood and changes in body fat. These symptoms are messages from your body that you need to do things differently.

Your muscles have the highest amount of these generators in them in order to move your body. If you sit all day and don’t use your muscles, the number of these generators decline, which in turn reduces how much energy you make.

To reverse this, increase your activity level to start building up the number of generators. This will help to build more muscle mass, increase your metabolism and help you burn fat.

So not only will you feel more energised, you’ll also start burning stored fat and reduce your weight. It’s a WIN-WIN situation!!

Don’t take your energy for granted and wait for the fuel tank to run empty. Look after yourself.

Eat well… Move… Rest.

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