When my children were younger, my life was sooooo HECTIC. I rushed EVERYWHERE. I rushed from the second my alarm went off in the morning. Getting them ready and making lunches, to dropping them to school, then getting to work. Work was very busy but I LOVED it. When I was finished work I would rush into the supermarket to grab something QUICK for dinner, then rush to the bus stop to pick up the kids. Once we were home, all the kids heard me say was “hurry up we’re late” and “quick get in the car” so I could take them to their activities (dancing, karate, guitar, swimming, soccer). I felt they had to do all of these if I was a good mum. My heart rate was NEVER at normal speed.

Then I made things WORSE for myself when I decided we were going to be healthy. I didn’t want my family to be a statistic. My husband had weight issues, the kids always had colds or some other bug, and I suffered with headaches and always felt anxious and exhausted. At work, I watched my “healthy” customers (and their kids) get sicker and sicker. It was FREAKING me out.

I started reading articles and research studies claiming that they had the answer to living a long healthy life without disease. The articles kept coming and all of them had different ideas. I became so OVERWHELMED at ALL the things I had to do. I felt like it was impossible. After all, I was a pharmacist. I worked in health. Surely I should know what the secret was.

I started implementing things at home, following the extreme measures I was reading about. I was determined my family were going to be safe. BUT I was a terrible cook (and still am). How could I possibly prepare these meals? Then the complaints started. Mostly from my husband and then the kids. He didn’t want me to forbid all the things he loved to eat!

WHAT WAS I DOING TO MYSELF?? Life was difficult enough already!

I kept reading because I loved learning. I wanted to know EVERYTHING. A pattern started emerging. Then it dawned on me… making EXTREME changes is NOT the way to go. I realised that there were just a few things we needed to do and I could implement them with little protest from the family. Suddenly the PRESSURE WAS OFF!!

I wanted the kids to learn so I constantly talked to them about choices and they took in more than I expected! They’ve grown up now but they are conscious of what they eat. I DON’T FORBID ANYTHING, not even McDonalds, but there is a realistic understanding of the word MODERATION. My 18 year old son still needs constant reminding but I know when he leaves home it won’t be a huge challenge for him. My daughter has become a bit of a health freak but thankfully she didn’t inherit my poor cooking skills!

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