I read an article today that got me excited!! Researchers are getting closer to developing a pill that delivers insulin.  What does this mean?  It means thousands of diabetes sufferers may be able to live their lives without injecting themselves multiple times each day.

I deal with many diabetic customers every day that require insulin injections to stay alive.  More often than not, they need one injection with each meal and another to get them through the night.  That’s 4 injections per day!  It’s no wonder that many don’t comply with their treatment, leading to countless trips to the hospital.

An insulin pill could result in better compliance and better management of blood sugar levels.  Diabetics will find it much easier to manage their condition and it may result in fewer complications – such as eye damage, kidney damage, erectile dysfunction, heart disease and nerve pain.

However, this is not a new idea. For as long as I can remember, scientists have been trying to design an oral form of insulin…it’s the Holy Grail in diabetes research. The problem has always been in getting it past the harsh environment of the stomach.  The strong acid destroys the insulin before it can be absorbed.

The design of the new pill is very interesting.  It has a special acid resistant coating that allows it to pass through the stomach intact.  Once it reaches the small intestine, the capsule opens up releasing patches that stick to the intestine wall.  These patches are loaded with insulin and allow absorption into the blood.

Although the technology of the patch sounds amazing, much more testing is needed to determine if the insulin can be effectively delivered into the blood. If it proves to be successful, it may be useful in other treatments currently only available through injection, such as vaccines.  I can just imagine the happy customers!

Diabetes is a serious condition with about 280 new cases everyday in Australia alone. It is estimated to cost Australia $14.6 billion each year. It is possible to manage the condition and prevent serious complications, not only with medication but positive lifestyle changes as well. This could save unnecessary suffering and reduce the financial cost to the community.


The best treatment for diabetes is prevention.  If that’s all too late and you have already been diagnosed there is still a lot you can do for yourself.

One of the biggest factors that I have found to contribute to the diabetes epidemic is soft drink and other sweet drinks.  Many customers I speak to drink soft drink as their main source of fluid everyday.  They don’t realise that just by cutting it out of their diet, or having it occasionally, their risk of developing diabetes (and it’s complications) reduces significantly.  By switching to “diet” soft drink, they are under the illusion that it is better for them.  Artificial sweeteners are not a healthy option and can also contribute to uncontrolled blood sugar levels. The best thing to drink is water. If you don’t like the taste then add a squeeze of lemon or other fruit.  Your taste buds will adjust after a couple of weeks.

If you are diabetic and are having trouble making positive changes to your diet, start by reducing and then removing sweet drinks from your daily routine. It will make a massive impact on the quality of your life and dramatically reduce your chance of developing further problems.

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